Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Sunday Afternoon Tale

If You Ask A Mom To Take A Nap

If you ask a Mom to take a nap, she will tell you that she needs to wait 10 minutes so she can switch and fold a load of laundry. 

While she waits, 10 minutes will turn into 20 because dryers are slow.

When the load is dry, she will start another load and fold the last.

When she is almost done folding, a small child will request her presence in the bathroom.

When the small child finishes his business, he will decide to get dressed.

When he decides to get dressed, he will want to wear a favorite outfit. The mom will notice that the matching pants are not upstairs.

When the mom goes downstairs to look for the pants, the small child will decide that he wants noodles for a snack.

While the mom preparing the noodles (in a very precise manner as determined by the OCD child), the child will discover that there is CHEESE on the counter, and will request some of this yummy goodness.

When the small child is occupied with cheese, and is waiting for the noodles to finish, the mom will notice that a corner of the kitchen could use some attention. Let the cleaning commence.

When the mom finally dishes out the noodles to the small child, another child comes over to investigate the cleaning and offers to help.

When the child offers to help, he asks a million questions about where to put everything. The mom is, however, VERY thankful for the help, especially since some sketchy things were uncovered. Ewwww.

When the mom and the child have the corner under control, the mom heads back to the laundry room, to discover that the dryer has only 15 more minutes.

When the mom sees that she has a few minutes before another load of clothes needs to be folded, she decides she has just enough time to grab some Advil.

When the mom gets herself some water, the small child will want some, too, with ice.

And, instead of a nap, the mom might just wish that someone had offered her a drink instead.

**this may or may not have been my FB status earlier today**

Happy Sunday, and I hope you got a nap!