Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Waters of Hope

One of the reasons that I have not been blogging much of late is because my dear husband has been in preparation for, and now, has just completed, Waters of Hope, a 1100+ mile bike ride around the state of Iowa. This project has raised, so far, to date, enough money to provide clean water for 60,000 people in Swaziland and the Sudan. In these countries, it is estimated that somewhere around 4500 children die every day because there is not enough clean water. But it is not just about providing them with water. t is also paving the way, sowing the seed, because before we can earn the right to proclaim the Gospel, we must first meet their most basic needs. And then, maybe someday, someone will enter one of these villages and be able to teach them about the One who gives Living Water, and feed their souls, not just their bodies.

It seemed to be Brian's call on this ride to remind everyone WHY they were out there doing this. It's not about personal gain, glory, or athletic endeavor. Instead, it is to open people's eyes to the need that is out there, for both the Gospel, and for clean water, a necessity for basic modern living conditions, something we all take for granted.  You can read some of his thoughts here.

It's been tough, single-parenting all 6 kids while he's been on the road.  And he's been through a lot, too, pushing his not-so-young body to its limits while on his bike.  But it's a small price to pay, and a sacrifice I'm willing to make, to bring these people the gift of clean water, and to teach them of the true Waters of Hope.

Long Time, No Blogging...

I'm back. Or I'm trying to be, anyway. It has been a busy winter and spring - with both the usual craziness of our horde, along with a few unexpected events thrown in for good measure. All of which has combined to keep me away from the keyboard more than I would like.

And in keeping with the freshness in the warm breeze, and the new life springing forth from the rich Iowa soil, I, too, will endeavor to create new life in words, here, in my little corner of the blogosphere.

There have been many posts percolating inside my head for the last few weeks, so look for some random ones, maybe even more than once a day - as time (and Mommy-dom) permits.

But it feels good to be back here. I've missed it! Happy Spring!