Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Garden Secret

I am not a gardener. If you have any doubt about that, simply ask my mother. She used to punish me by making me weed. Ick. However, for some strange reason, I LOVE gardens. So I guess it's a good thing that the man I married loves to putter in the yard. It's also a wonderful thing that the house that we bought last summer is a gardener's paradise. We have 3 established fruit trees (apple, white peach, and pear), a fenced veggie garden which includes a strawberry patch, rhubarb, raspberry bushes, and many flower beds. The tulips and daffodils of early spring were lovely, and right now, the irises and the peonies are breathtaking. I simply adore peonies ~ their warm, spicy scent, and the way the bouquet arranged on my kitchen table greets me as I wander through the house attending to my daily chores.

The kids have helped Daddy plant the veggies. My role has been merely to choose the varieties that we will be harvesting. Fortunately, they seem to have inherited their father's love of dirt and order outside. I have also already conned them into doing all the weeding, pleading my growing belly. They actually enjoy it, though, and fight to be the one tapped to water the seedlings each evening.

So, now, all I have to do is supervise, and wait (impatiently) for those first fruits to ripen, and enjoy all the fresh bounty of my garden.

Friday, May 18, 2007

At least I know he was listening!

I apologize to all my message board ladies, because I have already posted this. But it's just too cute (or something ! ) not to post here...

Last week, David was being fussy, which is unusual for him. So I took him over to the side-light by the front door and showed him the robin's nest that had appeared on the brick column of our front porch.

"See," I said, " There's a mommy bird. She's in her nest, sitting on the eggs to keep them warm. Soon, the eggs will hatch, and there will be baby birdies in the nest!" He studied it for a while, and went back to playing.

Later that afternoon, I had gone upstairs to transfer a load of much-neglected laundry from the washer to the dryer. Fortunately for me, just at that very moment, the 4 older kids came in the door from school, and yelled for me. Apparently, in the mere 2 minutes I had been gone, David had taken the eggs out of the fridge, removed 5 of them from the carton successfully, brought them into the family room, placed them on the chair, and was sitting on them. He pointed to the eggs and said, "Chicks!"

If you can believe it, the only 2 eggs that broke were still in the carton. We have VERY squishy family room furniture...

I guess he was just trying to be a good mama bird! Sometimes I just love two-year-old logic. Precious!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged, Again!

Now, my friend Lori, wants me to reveal 7 weird things about myself. Here goes.... Once again, in no particualr order...

1) I have webbed toes. Two on each foot. I guess that makes me part duck or something...

2) I have pointy ears, like an elf, or a petite blonde version of Mr. Spock.

3) I hate spiders. One of the main reasons I got married was so I would have a resident spider-killer always on hand. And I am only partially kidding...

4) I do not like being pregnant. Shocking, yes? I love having babies, but the 9 month journey to get there I could do without. Now, if I could do this without being sick for 9 months, and without becoming a weeble, and without tearing my rib muscles, now THAT would be a different story. But alas, God has blessed me with a body that is as fertile as nobody's business, but is very uncomfortable during the whole process. But it's all SO worth it, in the end... *sigh* *smile*

5) I hate peanut butter. Ick. I can tolerate it accompanied by chocolate, but only in small amounts.

6) I sort my candy by colors before I eat it. And I eat my least favorite flavors first, saving the good ones for last.

7) I actually enjoy the newborn baby stage. You know, when they don't do anything but eat, sleep, and poop, and you're so tired you could just scream. There are people who swear that the wee ones have no personality, but I beg to differ. There are few sweeter things than the cuddling time with your new baby.

OK, as I re-read through this list, I am sure that I must have forgotten LOTS of stuff, or that I am just brain-dead at the moment. Because this list doesn't even begin to cover my quirks, of which there are many. I probably should let my DH read this and comment...

Or not..... *vbg*

Monday, May 14, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I want to apologize to all my friends for my recent lack of activity. It seems that maybe the 1st trimester may not be the best time to begin an adventure in blogging. (vbg) But I hope to become more productive as the weeks progress.

My friend Ingrid "tagged" me, and I must write about the 5 things that I find most funny. Hmmmm - Let's see.... In no particular order.....

1) Monty Python's Holy Grail. Yes, I have a sick, twisted sense of humor.
2) Me, in a thong. Not only highly amusing, but kinda revolting at the same time. Unless you're my husband... (rolls eyes)
3) Dennis Miller. Amusing and thought-provoking entertainment all in one package.
4) My kids, when they are being silly. Which they do often, and quite well. Until it invariably goes too far, and then I'm stuck with the impossibility of disciplining them while simultaneously trying to avoid snorting liquid out my nose and supressing a giggle.
5) The thought of all our friends from seminary... "The future of the church..." Gosh, we have WAY too much fun to be in ministry. Or maybe that's the point...

So there you have it. Enjoy! And I'll be back later...