Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hannah's Birth Story

We had just gotten into bed about 20 minutes before, and I felt what I first thought was a big kick, Except that it also kind of went "POP" on the inside. So out of curiousity, I went into the bathroom, and lo and behold, there was a gush into the toilet. So I walked back over to the bed and told Brian - "Don't go to sleep yet - I think my water just broke." He had JUST started to snore...

So at about midnight I called the MW to let her know I was coming in. The ctx were coming about every 6 minutes, and were stopping me in my tracks. By the time we got to the hospital (15 minute trip) they were 4 minutes apart. Went to the ER to be admitted, and from there to a triage room in L&D. I felt awful by this point, The ctx were basically one on top of the other, and I would get a break only about every 3-4 ctx. I was 5cm and 80%, 0 station when they checked me, which kinda upset me, b/c I thought I'd be further along than that, b/c by now I was shaking - you know, like how you get during transition. So the MW finally gets there about 20 mintues later, and when SHE checked me, I was 7 with a tiny bit of lip. Wow. So she sent the nurse to the tub room to start filling it for me.

Oh - and while all this is going on in triage, Brian has to disappear several times back down to admitting, to re-fill out all the paperwork, b/c they apparently lost the stuff that I sent in. And the girl at the desk couldn't read or spell, b/c he kept having to go back down to fix mistakes. It took them 3 tries to get our name spelled right - which was a continuing theme of the night. Had to have our bracelets redone 3 times.... But I digress...

So I finally get into the room, and get into the tub. Ladies, I HIGHLY recommend laboring in water. O.M.G. It was the best thing EVER. (Of course I've never had an epidural, though... ) I started out just sitting. But the MW kept telling me to listen to my body, and I eventually got down into a squat, kind of leaning on the side of the tub. It was just the most absolutely wonderful thing to be able to move however I needed to. So completely different from any of my other labors... The water was warm, and just soooooo relaxing.

The MW wanted to check me - she could tell I was getting close, and I asked her to check me before I got out of the tub. Didn't want to leave my tub... So she did, and said that I just had one little bit of lip left. She thought I should get out and push, and that it wouldn't take too much.

So I did. I got to the bed, and didn't even bother putting a gown back on. She told me to find a comfortable position, so I got on my hands and knees, leaning on the head of the bed. And slowly started to push. It was all on my own time - no counting, just me bringing her down. Now, this is where it got bad. I have this nerve bundle that goes wacky when I push. It makes my right butt cheek cramp, and my right foot go numb. And it hurt MORE to push through that pain than to actually push the baby out. So I kept having to stop, and wait for it to get bearable. She was actually crowning when I had to stop. I waited through 3 more ctx, slowly grunting little pushes, until she was right there, and I could finally push through it. 3 intense pushes later, and she was born, with me still on my hands and knees. And I didn't tear. AT ALL. Almost 9 pounds of baby, and an intact perenium. I love my midwife... And it was wonderful to push her out that way. Kinda strange looking, I imagine, but it worked. They passed her up through my legs, and I flipped over, and I got to cut the cord. It took her about 10-15 minutes of her just sniffing at my breast, but then she latched on and nursed for about 20-30 minutes. Her APGARs were 8 and 9, I think.

It was the most wonderful birth experience I could have ever asked for. First and foremost, it was FAST. 2 1/2 hours, start to finish. Love that. My MW was great. No IV, pain meds, or interventions. No complications. No back labor. And no tearing. It was truly a miracle.

I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, prayers, and PTs throughout this last year - through the m/c, my pg, and now, this miraculous birth. You will never know how much it has all meant to me. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You are the best.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Any Day Now....

Yes, we are ready. And according to the midwife, it could be any day now. I've started to dilate, so we're good to go. baby is still head-down, nice and low. So now we wait. Patiently. Is such a thing possible?

With all the world looking at my belly, in its obvious state of ripeness, the questions just don't end. You're still here? You should have popped by now! Aren't you uncomfortable????? When *were* you due, exactly? Yeah, it's getting a bit tiresome, explaining that no, I'm not officiallly due for a few more days. Yes, I'm still here. No, I'm not that particularly uncomfortable - it's all relative, anyway, at this stage of the game. I know these well-meaning people do care, but all you really need to tell a pregnant woman in her last few weeks is how good she looks, and how well she's carrying. There's really nothing else that you need to say to her. Unless you want to spring for a foot massage for her... *grin*

So, faithful readers, stay tuned. Not much longer, now....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All Ready to Go...

So we had our 38 week mw appt last Friday. This was the ONE WHERE WE TALK ABOUT MY ALTERNATIVES. Or, more realistically, where they try to convince me to agree to a c-section b/c the baby is breech. *rolls eyes* I saw the less-experienced mw (there are 3 in the practice), who was quite obviously uncomfortable about having to broach this subject with me, because she knew how I felt. So she sits with my chart in hand, silently, for like 3 minutes before she gets up the nerve to say anything.

Finally, she comes over to start the exam, and lo and behold, the child has flipped, and is now head down, ready to make its grand entrance into the world. Miracle of miracles - some babies DO still flip at 38 weeks! *does happy dance* So both she and I are visibly relieved, and the rest of the appt goes by without a hitch.

So thank you all for every single prayer and PT that you sent up on our behalf. It worked!!!!!!!

So now we wait. I've always gone early, but I figure since I lost some prep time while Wee One was breech, that I might be late this time. I'm ok with that, as long as I still get to go natural, and as long as it's not late enough to interfere with Thanksgiving. I don'treally want to eat the hospital's version of a turkey dinner, KWIM?????

My baby preparations are pretty much all done, with the one major exception of the bassinet, which will arrive with my mom later this week. It's a family heirloom, and all the babies have started their lives in it. But everything is washed, put away, and waiting for the new arrival.

And I have begun to give Wee One a new nickname - Wiggleworm. It is just still squirming around in there, ready to meet everyone. But not quite yet.

So we wait. And are thankful. And wonder at the miracle of it all....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prayers for our Miracle, Please....

OK. Breathe. Deep breaths. OK.

X-posted on my mommy boards...

I haven't posted in a while (I know - BAD mommy-blogger...), but I'm kinda freaking. Had my 36 week check with the MWs. I was scheduled for an U/S, NST, and regular appt, all mostly b/c I'm an older mom.

This was possibly the most stressful appt I have EVER had, in all my years of carrying babies. First, I had to wait in line to check in (which NEVER happens at this office), so I was like 10 minutes late getting started. The u/s tech even called the receptionist while I was in line, but I still had to wait....So we go in for the U/S, and the tech is confused as to why we're even doing this (for measurements, growth, and fluid levels), b/c everything in my chart is so perfect. She's about to go ask the mw if it's what they ordered, nut then reads the chart more closely (i'm an elderly 39). And reassures me that everything should be fine, it's just a precaution, b/c I'm older. So she gets it going, and right away, we have a problem. Wee One has decided to flip from head down & anterior, to transverse breech. The head is just below my right ribs. I start freaking, now. Still am, as a matter of fact. But she goes ahead with all the measurements, and once again, everything is measuring PERFECTLY for dates. Perfect amt of fluid, and she estimated weight at 6.5 lbs (although I take that w/a large grain of salt). But so far, I think, smaller than my last DC. We did get some good pics of the face. Little chubby cheeks already... The tech assured me that everything looked perfectly normal, except for the position, and sent me back to the waiting room.

Waited for a while longer, and then they came and got me for the NST. Which was, oxymoronically, VERY stressful. First of all, I have an anterior placenta, so it took her like 10 minutes to find a good HB spot to trace. She started to get worried (different tech), and asked me if I'd had an u/s recently. I answered, "Yes, this morning - about 20 minutes ago." I explained how the baby was lying, and she FINALLY found a good spot. HB nice and steady, in the 140s. But Wee One was asleep. And wouldn't wake up, no matter WHAT we did. 1 cup of water, a pkg of David's gummies (nice and sugary) and the buzzer - no luck. Maybe I have a good sleeper! She called the mw over, after like 25 minutes of baby napping, and they discussed something in the next room - couldn't hear what. At this point, I'm like REALLY upset, all the worst case scenarios are racing through my mind... Sending me over to L&D, and b/c the baby's not head-down..... Serious stress. Serious. So the mw finally comes in the room, and buzzes the poor, sleeping beab again. Nothing. We wait more, and FINALLY, it starts to wake up. I started to push on my side (I'd been doing that, but hadn't had a reaction until now). HB starts to react, and they leave me for 10 more minutes. Finally, I get the ok that they've seen enough, baby looks fine. After ALL THAT.

They start to send me back the the waiting room, but the NST tech must have seen my face, and has mercy on me, and lets me go right into a room (there was an open one). I had to pee (after all that water...), and settled back in the room. The mw comes back after about 5 more minutes, and goes over everything with me. After talking to me, she's not to concerned about the baby's position, b/c it has flipped 3 times in a month, now, and obviously, still has room, and isn't wedged in anywhere. She wasn't too gung-ho on doing an external version, b/c the anterior placenta (in the front) makes it more dangerous. But she did say that, although she didn't recommend it professionally, knowing what she knows, she wouldn't be opposed to my trying labor with a breech baby, as long as it was in a favorable breech position. The only caveat is that many younger OBs aren't trained in breech deliveries anymore (they just go straight to a c-section), and if complications arose.... But she was content to wait it out, and see what happens.Measured 35 weeks, and lost a pound from last week, although it was a different scale - I think I was the same, according to mine at home. Got the GBS test (lovely thing, that...), so I should get that back next week.

So, LONG story short, baby looks fine, perfect, in fact, except for being not head-down. I'm still kinda stressed - Brian has been trying to talk me down all day. PLEASE send all your prayers, PTs, and baby-turning vibes my way. I'll be religiously reading and following all the advice at Again. It could be worse, I know. A c-section is not the end of the world. I know that, too. Kinda.

Thanks for getting this far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our miracle in progress...

OK, so I said I'd be better about posting more often. Ummmm - apparently, not so much... *red face* It's amazing how busy the summer can get, even when you're not really doing anything...

But last Friday was a red letter day of sorts in our house. We got to see our Wee One for the first time! Yes, we had the big u/s. And NO, we didn't find out what we're having. Besides the fact that it's only one baby. :~) Everything looks perfect. Measuring right on for dates, resting heartbeat in the high 160s, for anyone who's interested. Such a relief, b/c I'd been truly nervous about that for a while. Because of lots of things that have happened (both to us and to those we love), I now know that healthy babies don't just happen. Each one is a true miracle. And I am truly thankful that at least for now, we have our own miracle - for the 6th time. What a blessing. And one that I no longer take for granted.

Here's a sneak preview of Wee One - profile shot... (excuse the crookedness - scanned pic...)

I just cannot wait to meet our newest little blessing. Is it November yet??????

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Top 10 Things I Learned While on Vacation

Having just returned from 10 days of visiting my husband's family in various parts of WV, I thought I'd share some of the tidbits of knowledge that I gleaned while away from my computer.

10 ~ It is not, in fact, harmful to your children to severely limit their consumption of liquids prior to a 9+ hour car ride.

9 ~ It *IS* possible to refold a slip-n-slide so that it will still fit in the original box. It just may take several tries.

8 ~ It is true that clergy don't actually get vacations. People still die when you go out of town, and your husband will wind up spending the same amount of time on his cell phone as he would have in the office.

7 ~ There are very understanding priests who will go out of their way to make sure your husband doesn't have to leave you alone on vacation to return to do a funeral.

6 ~ Kids LOVE water guns. Most adults, however, do not, unless suitably attired, and equipped with much larger weapons.

5 ~ A 2 year old can spend HOURS in the sand, happily playing by himself and staying out of ttrouble. *Note to self - must get a sandbox for the deck.....

4 ~ A child will do ANYTHING for a ride on the 4-wheeler with grandpa.

3 ~ I love the midwest, but I sure do miss the Appalachian Mountains... *sigh*

2 ~ According to some people, 2 platefuls of salad will give a 2 year old an upset tummy, but 2 platefuls of chips are just fine....

And the most important thing I learned while on vacation was....

1 ~ Crocs, while not the most attractive footwear, make the most excellent shoes for a trip to an amusement park. Even if the most exciting thing you can do is ride the carousel....

I hope to post a bit more frequently, now that we are home. I almost died without internet access for 10 days! We spent 5 days in Huntington, and 5 days in Berkeley Springs, WV visiting Brian's mother, and his father and his wife. And learned all these important lessons along the way.... who knew that a simple roadtrip could be so educational??????? :D

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I am DONE!!!!!!!

Wow. What a long month! I have finally completed the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. For one month, twice a year (May and November), those of us who love all things CD (and who have nothing better to do) scour the web looking for diaper icons (which, I think, bear a slight resemblance to owls). Then, if you find them all, you get entered in a drawing for all kinds of cool stuff. The hunt is great, b/c it introduces you to a wonderful world of WAHM products - way more than just diaper stuff. Although there is plenty of that, too. This is the 4th hunt I have done, and the 3rd I have finished succesfully. I didn't complete last May's, b/c Brian was graduating, we had guests, job interviews, and lots of packing to do. (sigh) Oh well....

For a taste of some of the cool stuff out there, check out the SPONSOR LIST. And just click randomly. :-) Many sites also offer discounts during the month of the hunt. So in case some of you were wondering where I've been.... Now you know.

And I'll be gone again in November...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Garden Secret

I am not a gardener. If you have any doubt about that, simply ask my mother. She used to punish me by making me weed. Ick. However, for some strange reason, I LOVE gardens. So I guess it's a good thing that the man I married loves to putter in the yard. It's also a wonderful thing that the house that we bought last summer is a gardener's paradise. We have 3 established fruit trees (apple, white peach, and pear), a fenced veggie garden which includes a strawberry patch, rhubarb, raspberry bushes, and many flower beds. The tulips and daffodils of early spring were lovely, and right now, the irises and the peonies are breathtaking. I simply adore peonies ~ their warm, spicy scent, and the way the bouquet arranged on my kitchen table greets me as I wander through the house attending to my daily chores.

The kids have helped Daddy plant the veggies. My role has been merely to choose the varieties that we will be harvesting. Fortunately, they seem to have inherited their father's love of dirt and order outside. I have also already conned them into doing all the weeding, pleading my growing belly. They actually enjoy it, though, and fight to be the one tapped to water the seedlings each evening.

So, now, all I have to do is supervise, and wait (impatiently) for those first fruits to ripen, and enjoy all the fresh bounty of my garden.

Friday, May 18, 2007

At least I know he was listening!

I apologize to all my message board ladies, because I have already posted this. But it's just too cute (or something ! ) not to post here...

Last week, David was being fussy, which is unusual for him. So I took him over to the side-light by the front door and showed him the robin's nest that had appeared on the brick column of our front porch.

"See," I said, " There's a mommy bird. She's in her nest, sitting on the eggs to keep them warm. Soon, the eggs will hatch, and there will be baby birdies in the nest!" He studied it for a while, and went back to playing.

Later that afternoon, I had gone upstairs to transfer a load of much-neglected laundry from the washer to the dryer. Fortunately for me, just at that very moment, the 4 older kids came in the door from school, and yelled for me. Apparently, in the mere 2 minutes I had been gone, David had taken the eggs out of the fridge, removed 5 of them from the carton successfully, brought them into the family room, placed them on the chair, and was sitting on them. He pointed to the eggs and said, "Chicks!"

If you can believe it, the only 2 eggs that broke were still in the carton. We have VERY squishy family room furniture...

I guess he was just trying to be a good mama bird! Sometimes I just love two-year-old logic. Precious!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged, Again!

Now, my friend Lori, wants me to reveal 7 weird things about myself. Here goes.... Once again, in no particualr order...

1) I have webbed toes. Two on each foot. I guess that makes me part duck or something...

2) I have pointy ears, like an elf, or a petite blonde version of Mr. Spock.

3) I hate spiders. One of the main reasons I got married was so I would have a resident spider-killer always on hand. And I am only partially kidding...

4) I do not like being pregnant. Shocking, yes? I love having babies, but the 9 month journey to get there I could do without. Now, if I could do this without being sick for 9 months, and without becoming a weeble, and without tearing my rib muscles, now THAT would be a different story. But alas, God has blessed me with a body that is as fertile as nobody's business, but is very uncomfortable during the whole process. But it's all SO worth it, in the end... *sigh* *smile*

5) I hate peanut butter. Ick. I can tolerate it accompanied by chocolate, but only in small amounts.

6) I sort my candy by colors before I eat it. And I eat my least favorite flavors first, saving the good ones for last.

7) I actually enjoy the newborn baby stage. You know, when they don't do anything but eat, sleep, and poop, and you're so tired you could just scream. There are people who swear that the wee ones have no personality, but I beg to differ. There are few sweeter things than the cuddling time with your new baby.

OK, as I re-read through this list, I am sure that I must have forgotten LOTS of stuff, or that I am just brain-dead at the moment. Because this list doesn't even begin to cover my quirks, of which there are many. I probably should let my DH read this and comment...

Or not..... *vbg*

Monday, May 14, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I want to apologize to all my friends for my recent lack of activity. It seems that maybe the 1st trimester may not be the best time to begin an adventure in blogging. (vbg) But I hope to become more productive as the weeks progress.

My friend Ingrid "tagged" me, and I must write about the 5 things that I find most funny. Hmmmm - Let's see.... In no particular order.....

1) Monty Python's Holy Grail. Yes, I have a sick, twisted sense of humor.
2) Me, in a thong. Not only highly amusing, but kinda revolting at the same time. Unless you're my husband... (rolls eyes)
3) Dennis Miller. Amusing and thought-provoking entertainment all in one package.
4) My kids, when they are being silly. Which they do often, and quite well. Until it invariably goes too far, and then I'm stuck with the impossibility of disciplining them while simultaneously trying to avoid snorting liquid out my nose and supressing a giggle.
5) The thought of all our friends from seminary... "The future of the church..." Gosh, we have WAY too much fun to be in ministry. Or maybe that's the point...

So there you have it. Enjoy! And I'll be back later...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Thanks to my on-line friends, I have finally decided to enter the world of blogging. I am very excited to have this space, but not quite sure how I will use it, yet.

For those who may not know me well, I am a 39 year old SAHM to 5 wonderful children - Sarah, Amanda, Nathan, Robbie, and David, and we are exitedly awaiting the appearance of #6, who will join us in November. I am married to Brian, an Episcopal priest. I did not expect my life to lead me here, but what can I say? I am blissfully happy, and enjoying the journey.

So, friends, walk with me, as I meander down this road. I can promise you one thing - you will never be bored!