Friday, May 18, 2007

At least I know he was listening!

I apologize to all my message board ladies, because I have already posted this. But it's just too cute (or something ! ) not to post here...

Last week, David was being fussy, which is unusual for him. So I took him over to the side-light by the front door and showed him the robin's nest that had appeared on the brick column of our front porch.

"See," I said, " There's a mommy bird. She's in her nest, sitting on the eggs to keep them warm. Soon, the eggs will hatch, and there will be baby birdies in the nest!" He studied it for a while, and went back to playing.

Later that afternoon, I had gone upstairs to transfer a load of much-neglected laundry from the washer to the dryer. Fortunately for me, just at that very moment, the 4 older kids came in the door from school, and yelled for me. Apparently, in the mere 2 minutes I had been gone, David had taken the eggs out of the fridge, removed 5 of them from the carton successfully, brought them into the family room, placed them on the chair, and was sitting on them. He pointed to the eggs and said, "Chicks!"

If you can believe it, the only 2 eggs that broke were still in the carton. We have VERY squishy family room furniture...

I guess he was just trying to be a good mama bird! Sometimes I just love two-year-old logic. Precious!


  1. That is just one of THE most precious toddler stories I have ever heard!!! Love, love.

  2. I agree with Megan.....has to be the sweetest thing EVER!

  3. That is so adorable!!!!!!!!

  4. I wandered onto your blog today, and found a gem! Loved that story. I haven't read enough of your posts yet to know if you guys watch TV, but there is a cute show called "Max and Ruby," and the story about the eggs would make a good episode! I have 2 toddlers who make it their mission in life to make mischief, and you might enjoy reading about them on my blog.