Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Top 10 Things I Learned While on Vacation

Having just returned from 10 days of visiting my husband's family in various parts of WV, I thought I'd share some of the tidbits of knowledge that I gleaned while away from my computer.

10 ~ It is not, in fact, harmful to your children to severely limit their consumption of liquids prior to a 9+ hour car ride.

9 ~ It *IS* possible to refold a slip-n-slide so that it will still fit in the original box. It just may take several tries.

8 ~ It is true that clergy don't actually get vacations. People still die when you go out of town, and your husband will wind up spending the same amount of time on his cell phone as he would have in the office.

7 ~ There are very understanding priests who will go out of their way to make sure your husband doesn't have to leave you alone on vacation to return to do a funeral.

6 ~ Kids LOVE water guns. Most adults, however, do not, unless suitably attired, and equipped with much larger weapons.

5 ~ A 2 year old can spend HOURS in the sand, happily playing by himself and staying out of ttrouble. *Note to self - must get a sandbox for the deck.....

4 ~ A child will do ANYTHING for a ride on the 4-wheeler with grandpa.

3 ~ I love the midwest, but I sure do miss the Appalachian Mountains... *sigh*

2 ~ According to some people, 2 platefuls of salad will give a 2 year old an upset tummy, but 2 platefuls of chips are just fine....

And the most important thing I learned while on vacation was....

1 ~ Crocs, while not the most attractive footwear, make the most excellent shoes for a trip to an amusement park. Even if the most exciting thing you can do is ride the carousel....

I hope to post a bit more frequently, now that we are home. I almost died without internet access for 10 days! We spent 5 days in Huntington, and 5 days in Berkeley Springs, WV visiting Brian's mother, and his father and his wife. And learned all these important lessons along the way.... who knew that a simple roadtrip could be so educational??????? :D


  1. Super great post Karen! I love it. So many truths there. :)
    Glad you are back!

  2. Sigh... I will have to remember that for my trip next summer!

  3. Great tips!!
    Im glad you had a good time, even more glad to have you back :)

  4. I always worry abou the look of Crocs, but may have to break down for Disneyland.

  5. Thanks for all the advice! I may have to invest in a sandbox now too! haha!! Glad you are back and you survived your vacation!!

  6. Karen,

    I'm glad that y'all had a great time on your vacation. I'm also very happy that Brian didn't have to leave in the middle of your trip to go perform the funeral services. We're leaving to go to my dad's lake house for the week of July 4th, so I'll take some of your tips into account!

    Take care...hugs and kisses to all!

  7. Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention that I saw a tip online about getting sand off of you after going to the beach or playing in a sandbox. The tip said that, if you take along some baby powder and dust yourself with it when you're ready to leave, then the sand just falls off of you so it won't get tracked in your car or house. I haven't had the chance to try it yet. If anybody tries it, and it works, then please let us know about it.


  8. 5 ~ A 2 year old can spend HOURS in the sand, happily playing by himself and staying out of ttrouble. *Note to self - must get a sandbox for the deck.....

    Oh yes! In fact, my one+a bit-year-old loves playing in the sand, too. I'm thinking of getting him this one.

  9. Love that list! So very true!

    And we're on the hunt for a sandbox here too...

  10. that was very fun to read. I'm so glad you are back!!!