Monday, January 7, 2008


The last almost-seven weeks (gosh, has it been that long already????) have been wonderful. And exhausting. And peaceful. And absolute chaos. In other words, I've just had a baby. And I've been reflecting, as I've exited that 40-day period of post-partum stupor, on just exactly how blessed I am to have been able to babymoon for the sixth time. Really, I mean, how many other women get to do that? Or are crazy enough to even contemplate it??? Not to mention that this babymoon took place over the holidays, something I have not done since my first (Sarah was an early December baby).

There were times when I did feel a little resentful (ok, in my hormonal haze, it was probably MORE than a little...) that I wasn't able to get all the rest that I thought I needed, due to having to mother 5 other kids and tend to the household alone, b/c the Christmas season is notorious for making temporary widows of clergy wives. *sigh* But Hannah is such a little sweetie, and the other kids are so well-behaved in general, that my life has been able to return to more-or-less what it was before adding another wee one into the mix. And I haven't suffered too much.

Now, there was more than one occasion when the kids ate ramen noodles for dinner more than they ought, and I allowed them to watch more TV or have extra snacks, simply b/c I was too tired to get off the couch and do something about it. But I kinda think we're all entitled to a little of that, every now and again, right????? And not as many Christmas cookies were made, and not all the decorating got done. And even some of the traditional stocking stuffers were forgotten (BAD Santa.....). But we all made it through, and I don't even know if anyone, besides me, really noticed.

But soon, too soon, my baby will no longer be a newborn. And I will no longer have the luxury of spending the entire day in my jammies, eating nothing but chocolate and cookies, b/c the baby wouldn't let me do anything else. And I'll have to chase her away from the cat food, and down from the table. So I think I'll just enjoy the rest of this sleep-deprived fog, and snuggle up with my babies - all 6 of them. As long as no one minds that I haven't showered recently, and I smell faintly of spit-up, and that it's ramen noodles for dinner, again.

Happy babymoon!


  1. Oh enjoy it! Lor is only 5 months but he's seeming so big already and I'm already missing the newborn phase. Even though this age is really fun too. Of course, maybe missing the newborn phase is how one ends up with 6 children after all - I feel like I'm heading that way. ;)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWW This is just so beautiful Karen. :) youare blessed, as is your entire family.