Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long Time, No Blogging...

I'm back. Or I'm trying to be, anyway. It has been a busy winter and spring - with both the usual craziness of our horde, along with a few unexpected events thrown in for good measure. All of which has combined to keep me away from the keyboard more than I would like.

And in keeping with the freshness in the warm breeze, and the new life springing forth from the rich Iowa soil, I, too, will endeavor to create new life in words, here, in my little corner of the blogosphere.

There have been many posts percolating inside my head for the last few weeks, so look for some random ones, maybe even more than once a day - as time (and Mommy-dom) permits.

But it feels good to be back here. I've missed it! Happy Spring!


  1. WElcome back Karen. I so look forward to reading anything you have to share. :)

  2. Welcome back. I had just found you when your daughter was born. I've been checking to see when you'd post again and I'm glad you did. :o)
    I'm an Iowan, too. I like to see a fellow midwesterner blogging with all the big city ones. Hope to see your next post soon!

  3. An update!! Finally!! I've missed you, mama.