Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please Read My Friend's Blog!

I have added a new blog to my list of blogging friends - Restless Heart Ministries. Brian and I met Bryan Bywater during our time in seminary. And what a true blessing God has given us through him! Bryan is a priest, ordained in Tanzania, living and serving in his hometown in Connecticut. He has quite an awesome ministry there. I would encourage all of my readers to check out his blog. It will make you laugh - it will make you cry - it will make you think. But you won't come away unchanged. This man is a force of nature - an incredible passion for Christ, and for serving Him through the least and the lost. Bryan is authentic and real - something rarely seen in clergy anymore, sadly. His latest posts have been about his experiences on standing on a street corner holding a sign which reads simply - "PLEASE PRAY FOR CHINA". Wonderful, thought-provoking, inspirational stuff.

Thank you, Bryan for all that you are doing. It does not go unnoticed.


  1. Thanks for the redirect to your friend's blog. It WAS inspiring and is now in my favorites, so I can continue to feel inspired. I can't comment on his site, because I'm not a google or blogger and don't plan to become one.
    Today, you have been the voice of the Holy Spirit by providing this link and I thank you for it. :)

  2. hey Karen....thanks for your be honest the tears and a gutteral shake just came out of me. i'm just a man whom God has seen fit to use for His glory...i do intend to make much of Jesus...for He has made much of me! We love you all...and hey Jen, thank you for refreshing the hearts of the Saints.