Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prayers for our Miracle, Please....

OK. Breathe. Deep breaths. OK.

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I haven't posted in a while (I know - BAD mommy-blogger...), but I'm kinda freaking. Had my 36 week check with the MWs. I was scheduled for an U/S, NST, and regular appt, all mostly b/c I'm an older mom.

This was possibly the most stressful appt I have EVER had, in all my years of carrying babies. First, I had to wait in line to check in (which NEVER happens at this office), so I was like 10 minutes late getting started. The u/s tech even called the receptionist while I was in line, but I still had to wait....So we go in for the U/S, and the tech is confused as to why we're even doing this (for measurements, growth, and fluid levels), b/c everything in my chart is so perfect. She's about to go ask the mw if it's what they ordered, nut then reads the chart more closely (i'm an elderly 39). And reassures me that everything should be fine, it's just a precaution, b/c I'm older. So she gets it going, and right away, we have a problem. Wee One has decided to flip from head down & anterior, to transverse breech. The head is just below my right ribs. I start freaking, now. Still am, as a matter of fact. But she goes ahead with all the measurements, and once again, everything is measuring PERFECTLY for dates. Perfect amt of fluid, and she estimated weight at 6.5 lbs (although I take that w/a large grain of salt). But so far, I think, smaller than my last DC. We did get some good pics of the face. Little chubby cheeks already... The tech assured me that everything looked perfectly normal, except for the position, and sent me back to the waiting room.

Waited for a while longer, and then they came and got me for the NST. Which was, oxymoronically, VERY stressful. First of all, I have an anterior placenta, so it took her like 10 minutes to find a good HB spot to trace. She started to get worried (different tech), and asked me if I'd had an u/s recently. I answered, "Yes, this morning - about 20 minutes ago." I explained how the baby was lying, and she FINALLY found a good spot. HB nice and steady, in the 140s. But Wee One was asleep. And wouldn't wake up, no matter WHAT we did. 1 cup of water, a pkg of David's gummies (nice and sugary) and the buzzer - no luck. Maybe I have a good sleeper! She called the mw over, after like 25 minutes of baby napping, and they discussed something in the next room - couldn't hear what. At this point, I'm like REALLY upset, all the worst case scenarios are racing through my mind... Sending me over to L&D, and b/c the baby's not head-down..... Serious stress. Serious. So the mw finally comes in the room, and buzzes the poor, sleeping beab again. Nothing. We wait more, and FINALLY, it starts to wake up. I started to push on my side (I'd been doing that, but hadn't had a reaction until now). HB starts to react, and they leave me for 10 more minutes. Finally, I get the ok that they've seen enough, baby looks fine. After ALL THAT.

They start to send me back the the waiting room, but the NST tech must have seen my face, and has mercy on me, and lets me go right into a room (there was an open one). I had to pee (after all that water...), and settled back in the room. The mw comes back after about 5 more minutes, and goes over everything with me. After talking to me, she's not to concerned about the baby's position, b/c it has flipped 3 times in a month, now, and obviously, still has room, and isn't wedged in anywhere. She wasn't too gung-ho on doing an external version, b/c the anterior placenta (in the front) makes it more dangerous. But she did say that, although she didn't recommend it professionally, knowing what she knows, she wouldn't be opposed to my trying labor with a breech baby, as long as it was in a favorable breech position. The only caveat is that many younger OBs aren't trained in breech deliveries anymore (they just go straight to a c-section), and if complications arose.... But she was content to wait it out, and see what happens.Measured 35 weeks, and lost a pound from last week, although it was a different scale - I think I was the same, according to mine at home. Got the GBS test (lovely thing, that...), so I should get that back next week.

So, LONG story short, baby looks fine, perfect, in fact, except for being not head-down. I'm still kinda stressed - Brian has been trying to talk me down all day. PLEASE send all your prayers, PTs, and baby-turning vibes my way. I'll be religiously reading and following all the advice at Again. It could be worse, I know. A c-section is not the end of the world. I know that, too. Kinda.

Thanks for getting this far.


  1. Oh sweet friend! I am so sorry to hear about such an upsetting appointment. I will be sending many, many "turn baby, turn!" prayers your way. You are right in that a Cesarean birth isn't the end of the world, but with all that you have going on (and going into the holidays), I know it could prove to be very upsetting.

    Lots of prayers. Lots of hugs.

  2. I'll be praying that your sweet beab turns soon. Try not to worry too much Karen.

  3. first scared the pee right out of me. eeekkk....
    Not that your concerns are not concerning...I was just so shocked to see a post from you...then the title.
    whew...I am releived that besides the position, all is okay. I'll send good turning prayers and vibes your way!