Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All Ready to Go...

So we had our 38 week mw appt last Friday. This was the ONE WHERE WE TALK ABOUT MY ALTERNATIVES. Or, more realistically, where they try to convince me to agree to a c-section b/c the baby is breech. *rolls eyes* I saw the less-experienced mw (there are 3 in the practice), who was quite obviously uncomfortable about having to broach this subject with me, because she knew how I felt. So she sits with my chart in hand, silently, for like 3 minutes before she gets up the nerve to say anything.

Finally, she comes over to start the exam, and lo and behold, the child has flipped, and is now head down, ready to make its grand entrance into the world. Miracle of miracles - some babies DO still flip at 38 weeks! *does happy dance* So both she and I are visibly relieved, and the rest of the appt goes by without a hitch.

So thank you all for every single prayer and PT that you sent up on our behalf. It worked!!!!!!!

So now we wait. I've always gone early, but I figure since I lost some prep time while Wee One was breech, that I might be late this time. I'm ok with that, as long as I still get to go natural, and as long as it's not late enough to interfere with Thanksgiving. I don'treally want to eat the hospital's version of a turkey dinner, KWIM?????

My baby preparations are pretty much all done, with the one major exception of the bassinet, which will arrive with my mom later this week. It's a family heirloom, and all the babies have started their lives in it. But everything is washed, put away, and waiting for the new arrival.

And I have begun to give Wee One a new nickname - Wiggleworm. It is just still squirming around in there, ready to meet everyone. But not quite yet.

So we wait. And are thankful. And wonder at the miracle of it all....


  1. I'm so glad the baby flipped! Yeah! I hope you end up with the delivery that you want and that it doesn't interfere with Thanksgiving. I'm sure hospital turkey dinner would be pretty gross! Sending lots of easy labor dust! I can't wait to "meet" the little Wiggleworm!

  2. yeah for a late flipper. :) woo hoo! :)

    I can't wait to "meet" wiggleworm. HOw exciting. I just can't beleive it is almost time. :)

  3. I am getting SO excited for you, Karen! Not much longer now at all!!

    Hey, who's your board buddy? Still got my number? *wink*