Saturday, November 10, 2007

Any Day Now....

Yes, we are ready. And according to the midwife, it could be any day now. I've started to dilate, so we're good to go. baby is still head-down, nice and low. So now we wait. Patiently. Is such a thing possible?

With all the world looking at my belly, in its obvious state of ripeness, the questions just don't end. You're still here? You should have popped by now! Aren't you uncomfortable????? When *were* you due, exactly? Yeah, it's getting a bit tiresome, explaining that no, I'm not officiallly due for a few more days. Yes, I'm still here. No, I'm not that particularly uncomfortable - it's all relative, anyway, at this stage of the game. I know these well-meaning people do care, but all you really need to tell a pregnant woman in her last few weeks is how good she looks, and how well she's carrying. There's really nothing else that you need to say to her. Unless you want to spring for a foot massage for her... *grin*

So, faithful readers, stay tuned. Not much longer, now....


  1. I had a dream that you had the baby last night (in the back of a van of all places - lol)! I can't wait until he or she is really here!

  2. I cannot wait! I'm interested to hear girl or boy!