Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sarah

Today, fourteen years ago, I became a mother. Fourteen wonderful years ago, I brought Sarah Elizabeth into this world, and my life changed forever. I have been blessed beyond measure to be entrusted with this precious girl, to love, to teach, and to guide. What a gift!

Today, we ate chicken chow mein (her favorite home-cooked meal) and chocolate cake (heart-shaped, with yellow and purple frosting). And opened presents - clothes, mostly, nowadays... I took pictures, but I'm too tired to upload and edit them tonight. But fret not, dear readers, I promise to post them in the near future. It was a good day.

I thank God every day for the privilege of being a mother. I never imagined just how much I would love this job. There are no words for how your heart just overflows. Parenthood has given me new insight on just how our Father views us... If I feel this much *love* for my child, the LOVE that God has for us is just unimaginable. What a blessing...

Thank you, Sarah, for coming into my life. And thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with you. I pray for the wisdom, guidance, and grace to be the mother that you need me to be, to help you grow into the woman God means you to become. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of coming along with you on your journey. I look forward to sharing and growing with you for many years to come. Love, Mommy


  1. Happy belated birthday to Sarah! What a lovely tribute!