Saturday, October 11, 2008

15 Things I'd Like To Do, Someday

**stolen from Lori**

A random list...
~ Own a convertible (again)
~ Live in Britain
~ Ride RAGBRAI river to river
~ Have a waterbirth at home
~ Learn to sew, knit and/or crochet
~ Buy a designer pair of jeans have have them look HOT
~ Go skydiving
~ End hunger and poverty worldwide
~ Get all my electricity off the grid (solar, wind, etc)
~ Open a pastry shoppe
~ Go on an archaeological dig in England
~ Learn to take really good photos of my kids
~ Write a  book
~ Travel in Asia again 
~ Own a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Some of these are realistic - some are not.  Random, like I said.  But I'm in a random mood this evening. *grin*  And I'm trying to have a bit more fun with this blogging thing.  :-)

So enjoy!  And feel free to create your own list...


  1. Ooooo....I'll join you in several of those! We could open a pastry shoppe, where we'll wear our designer jeans. LOL

  2. I'll live through you w/ the water birth!