Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adventures in Blogging

I think I'm gonna try something. I think I may be crazy. No, I know I'm already crazy - but this just may put me over the edge. But I'm going to do it anyway. There's this little thing called NaBloPoMo.  It stands for National Blog Posting Month, which happens every November.  It sounds simple enough - one blog post a day, every day, for 30 days.  Several of my friends participated last year.  I did not, mainly because I was expecting a baby at any moment, and, well, blogging just wasn't at the top of my to-do list.  Go figure... *grin*

I used to write.  A lot.  After all, I *was* a professional student for a while...  But then life happened.  OK - kids happened...  And I've never really gotten back into the swing of it.  I do miss it.  There was a time in my life when I wanted to write for a living.  I'd like to reclaim that part of me that has been lost to mommy-dom.  But I do think that I might just be a better writer, now, having walked some of those roads, than I would have been back then.  Hey, I can nak, and type, with either hand.  Now, THAT'S talent for you...

So watch for me in November.  You know where to find me...


  1. Cool! I can't wait to read it all! :)

  2. Fun! You're braver than I am...but we knew that already!

  3. I think I might give NaBloPoMo a try this year, too. Although my life is so boring that I think I'll probably bore my readers to tears! lol

    I think it's cool that you wanted to write for a living. I'd love to write a book and started one in college. I just need to sit and work on it. lol

  4. woo hoo....I can't wait to read it all. :)

    I haven't participated, as it stresses me out. LOL