Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Words, First Steps

The last few weeks have been momentous ones in the short life of Miss Hannah. We have celebrated her Baptism, watched her progress from those first tentative steps to toddling across the family room, and heard her utter her first words. She actually started walking last month, just shy of 9 months. But she's gotten to the point of almost running this week - at 9 1/2 months. Early, yes. But she's got a whole lot to keep up with, and she does her best. She gets all kinds of encouragement from the older kids.

And her first words... She was experimenting with mimicking this summer - night-night, mama, dada, etc. But she now has several real words - du ~ duck, which means both "duck" and "bath" - one of her favorite activities, and voof ~ which applies to any and all furry animals. Odd, b/c we don't have dogs, just 2 cats. Still, everything is a "voof." Oh - I almost forgot one more - MMMMMMM ~ food, said particularly when she notices someone eating real food, and she decides that she wants some, too. She also uses this sometimes when she wants to nurse, but usually, her cues for that involve either a head-butt to my boobs or whimpering.

She signs, too - all done, please, and more... But I really need to be teaching her some other ones. She picks them up so quickly, and it's fun to communicate with her.

And just because I can (or more accurately, to see if I can), I'm including a video of Hannah's first attempts at walking. This was from a couple of weeks ago - around the last week of September. Excuse the fact that it's sideways. I couldn't figure out how to rotate it. I'm just beginning to shoot some video with my camera, and I haven't gotten to the editing part...

Thanks for indulging me!


  1. Awwww! Go Hannah Go!! What a sweet chunk of cuteness she is!

  2. WOW- way to go, Hannah! That's incredible!