Monday, November 3, 2008

Indian Summer

Today was a beautiful day.  Mid 70s, sunny... *sigh*  Darn near perfect.  One of the last such days we will enjoy until May, I dare say.  And because one night last week we had a killing frost, this is true Indian Summer.  I have been enjoying the fragrance of fall wafting in through the open windows, and I even got outside for a bit to try to capture some of the last vestiges of color that will inhabit my yard until spring.  Now, I am decidedly *not* a professional photographer. Not even close...   But I thought it was worth shooting...

The burning bush out back. LOVE the color...

Hedge apples in the lawn. These are supposed to keep spiders away, but the kids have decided that they make better speed bumps for the cars that fly by on the street behind our house...

The very last flowers in bloom in my yard. I am trusting that these are actual flowers, and *not* weeds. I am gardening impaired... *sigh*

The last of the apples on the tree. These were sooooo yummy...

And last but not least... A gratuitous kitty pic... Guinevere, enjoying life, in her bed on the porch.

We are all soaking up these last few wisps of fall, because before we know it, winter will be upon us, with its icy blasts, grey days, and salt trucks.

They are predicting snow by the end of the week...


  1. No...not snow...not yet. We need at least another full week of good weather to get this corn out of the fields. I hope the meteorologists are wrong. We aren't that far from Davenport that our weather would be different from yours. ~sigh~ what a year for crops.

  2. I love your pics! I do have one question...what the heck is a hedge apple and where can I get one? I've got spiders in my house that I need to be rid of! lol Oh, and you have a very beautiful kitty. Love her name.

  3. Isn't this weather gorgeous?!? Those are beautiful pictures, Karen!