Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reflections on my weekend

Well, we have returned home from the 156th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa.  And although my husband had to endure all of the minutia of plenary sessions, resolutions, budgets, and voting, ad nauseam, I was able (for the most part) to simply enjoy the worship services.  Well, in between dealing with the 3 boys and Hannah - spotty child care and meal planning by the organizers (which is, in all fairness, light years better than past conventions, as there actually *was* childcare...)  And Hannah is teething. Again.  More molars... *sigh*   So she was velcro-baby - all-mommy-all-the-time...  The big girls were safely ensconced across the street at a lock-in, though... 

But anyway...  In my moments of quiet, (and some not-so-quiet) I was able to be reminded again of exactly why I am an Episcopalian.  I love the liturgy.  Love it.  The pageantry and the mystery speak to my soul.  The familiarity of the prayers, the power of words spoken in community - in communion, the power of coming to the Table together.  The knowledge that I can walk into any Episcopalian or Anglican church, anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world, and pray those same prayers, and worship together, just fills my heart.  It really *is* all about Jesus, and how, despite all our many differences, He can bring us together.  And that's a beautiful thing...


  1. Beautiful! You know I totally have a heart for liturgy trapped in a Baptist body. ;) I'm glad you got to experience such inspiring, worshipful moments.

  2. I can totally relate to your points about the mystery and beauty of liturgy. Very cool! I'm glad you had a good weekend (for the most part) and I hope Hannah's molars come through soon!