Monday, November 24, 2008

Writer's Block

I knew that it would happen at some point during this month.  I just didn't expect that it would be today.  After suffering through a basically sleepless night with Hannah (who never really settled, and since we co-sleep, consequently, neither did I), I was fighting exhaustion from the moment I crumbled out of bed.  I've had one of those days where it's difficult to put two thoughts together, never mind try to be coherent.  My temper has been short, and I've burst into tears for no apparent reason, other that the fact that I need sleep.  Really. Need. Sleep.

I had lots of plans for what I wanted to accomplish today.   All I managed to get done was one load of laundry, and to keep up with the kids - getting them fed, clothed, out the door, and back into bed this evening.  I'm struggling with feelings of inadequacy, and constantly being behind the curve.  As in, I had the downstairs *mostly* clean the day before Hannah's birthday last week.  However, in  mere 24 hours, you couldn't tell I'd even swept the kitchen floor. *sigh*

So I want to apologize to my readers (all 2 of you - you know who you are) for my appalling lack of any meaningful discourse this evening.  And to thank you for indulging me in this mini pity party.  Hopefully, I'll get to rest more than just dozing tonight, and I'll awake tomorrow  with a brighter outlook, and a renewed trust that God will take care of it all.

Well, I guess I did run on a bit for someone who supposedly had nothing to say...  Sorry about that...

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging...


  1. I'm going to "come out" as one of your

    We all suffer from writer's block at times! Hope it's gone today. What you write always interests me. :)

  2. I'm certain you have more than 2 readers...LOL
    I've commented at least a couple of times. :o)

    And I'll keep coming back, writer's block or not.

  3. I'm too sleep-deprived to notice. :D

    I remember at this point in NaBloMoPo last year, I would have rather stabbed myself in the eye with a fork than blog about ANYTHING!

  4. You know, Megan, it's kinda weird. I actually look forward to it, most days... I must have really missed the writing. Or I've gone completely insane.

    Of course, if all else fails. post pics of cute kids. *grin* It's a winner every time...

  5. I hope your writers block goes away soon! Only a few more days of NaBloPoMo. You've made it this far!

    I actually enjoy reading about people's days and seeing pics of their cute kids!