Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sunday Full of Blessings

Today began like any other Sunday, with Brian and Nathan getting up and leaving for the early service, and me getting the other ones ready for Sunday School and the late service. Hannah is still teething (darn molars), and wanted to nurse and nap instead of letting Mommy get ready. So we just make it before the service music begins, and as I drop Hannah off in the nursery, I have to deal with bad attitudes from both Nathan and David. *sigh* Not exactly the perfect lead-in for worship...

But somehow, through all of the noise God met me there, and the day began to change.

Brian had been gearing a noise coming from the blue van, newly fixed, and running again (thanks, Dad!), and had quit driving it. He thought it might be a belt coming through one of the tires (yeah - we need 4 new ones - they're bald. *sigh*), because it felt wobbly and kind of thumped. He drove it to church this morning, though, so I could come in my van at my convenience, since Hannah was so fussy. Well, as it turns out, it wasn't the tread. When the garage changed the flat while doing the other repairs, they apparently didn't tighten the lug nuts all the way. *eek* And it was completely by the grace of God that the wheel didn't come flying off at any point during the last month. Brian got them tightened down after church, and we're good. What a miracle!!!

And so, as the kids are settling down for a much-needed quiet time (they were wiped out from the wedding and trip yesterday), I sat down at my computer and logged on to FaceBook, to be greeted with a friend request from our former neighbors in Ambridge, while Brian was in seminary. I can't tell you how good it was to see her name! They have a large family, and homeschooled also, and our kids played so well together. I can assure you that we will never have better neighbors anywhere we ever live. Ever. And both of us have been too busy to catch up by other means, so FaceBook is the perfect opportunity for us to keep in touch. Well that, and the fact that my kids want me to ask if her kids have Webkinz, so they can play together. Again, what an unexpected shower of God's goodness and grace!

And lastly, I was perusing one of my favorite Mommy Boards while nursing Hannah to sleep, when I noticed one of my friends posted a link to Target for an INCREDIBLE deal on a Britax Marathon. This top-rated convertible car seat, which retails for around $250-$280, was on sale for an amazing $42.99. Yes, you read that right. FORTY TWO DOLLARS AND 99 CENTS.  Well, $46.00, with tax. Free shipping. I have been stressing about how we were going to afford a new carseat for Hannah, who has pretty much outgrown her Graco SnugRide. I have lusted after a Britax seat for years, but we were never in a position to be able to afford one. These are the safest, highest rated seats on the market.  And now, I am the proud owner of one.  It might take up to six weeks to get here, but I really don't care.  It was such a good deal!  Once again, God knew the need, and met it, going beyond my wildest dreams.

We are called to abundant living.  God wants so much for us - he is just waiting to let our cups overflow with bounty.  And today I was given a lesson in that.  Truly, He is great and loving beyond measure.  My heart is spilling over with joy, praise, and love.  Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have poured out on me today.  And, please, make me truly thankful.


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