Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Theme Song, This Month

One thing that I had planned to blog about this month was some of my favorite songs.  But somehow, I never got around to it.   So I thought that I'd post a video of a song that really speaks to me, where I am now, and to where I will be in the next few crazy weeks.

His Grace is Enough, by Matt Maher

Please excuse the somewhat cheesy video. It was the best I could find, and there are any number of versions of this song floating around, and I was, of course, in search of just the *right* one. It took me all afternoon, and involved the kids asking, "Mommy, why do you keep playing that song over and over again on your computer???"

I hope this song blesses you as much as it has me. And I hope that I can keep it as background music for my crazy-busy life this time of year. His grace really *is* enough. Praise God!

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