Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And Another Day Gets Away From Me...

I actually had two post possibilities lined up for today, but neither one materialized.  Somehow, my camera just never migrated from the kitchen counter into my hand to capture the precious moments of Joshua's first tentative attempts at crawling forward, which would have made for a precious Wordless Wednesday post.  Nor did I finish the more profound work-in-progress I had titled and partially composed on my computer screen for most of the day.  But rest assured that I do intend to finish, and publish, BOTH posts, and hopefully, sooner, rather than later.

But I am here, writing.  And I have been thinking about writing all day.  Well, thinking about it in between diaper changes, diaper rash, drooling, bumped heads, sippy cups, nap time, avoiding laundry and various other mundane household tasks, and all the other things that keep me going throughout the day.  But that, my friends, is life, is it not?  Instead of documenting my day, I spent it with my children, getting down and dirty amidst the crumbs on the floor, wondering to myself if I was really doing enough.

So I apologize for not having any particular pearls of wisdom to share this evening.  I hope it won't keep you, dear reader, from returning.  I can't promise to be brilliant every single one of these 30 days, but I do promise to be here.

See y'all tomorrow.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel!! I always intend to photograph this or that and sometimes miss the opprotunity. It is more important to make memories with the kiddos though. :) I am sure that we will all have days where we don't manage the post we want to get out.