Saturday, November 27, 2010

Randomness for Saturday

Almost spaced posting today, so here is a bit of randomness to round out your weekend...

  • It's nice to live where it gets cold enough to use your back porch as an additional refrigerator.
  • It's not so nice when a child spies a critter attempting to nom the pumpkin pie.
  • The hue and cry when children discover said critter is an adorable long-haired tortie is tremendous, and
  • Certain of these children will beg to leave food out just in case the poor kitty is homeless.
  • Heartless Daddy will inevitably veto this idea.
  • Mommy will secretly hope that itty bitty cute kitty will return.
  • I have eaten entirely too much food this weekend.
  • My Advent Wreath is still in the basement.  *blush*
  • I can't believe I'm almost done with another NaBloPoMo.
  • I can't believe my first baby turns Sweet 16 one week from today...   *sniff*
And, on that note, I'll head off to bed...  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear reader!

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