Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted.

I exercised my right and privilege as an American citizen, on this beautiful fall day, to vote.  It took all of about 15 minutes, start to finish.  I must say I was impressed by the new registration technology - all done on laptops and mini-printers.  Very high-tech for this little corner of the world, and a very far cry from the days of big paper rolls that the poll workers had to flip through.

And I'm eternally grateful that all those irritating robo-calls have stopped, and that my mailbox and front door will no longer be crammed full of paper missives that were immediately ignored and summarily tossed into the recycle bin.  Well, done at least until after the first of the year, anyway.  Here in Iowa, we are so lucky to host the all-important Caucuses, which are an interesting political oddity in their own right. But it means that we are subjected to an almost never-ending stream of political campaigning and all the fun that goes with it. *insert eye-rolling smilie here*  If you doubt me, begin paying attention to the stream of political personalities who will begin to schedule tips to the Hawkeye State in the coming months.  It's unreal...

But I remain thankful that I live in this great nation, where I am encouraged to express my opinion and to keep my leadership accountable.  But whether or not those whom we elect to govern even intend to listen to the will of the people is an entirely different post for an entirely different day...

So THANK YOU to all of you who voted today.  Even if you aren't happy with the way your specific elections turned out, be grateful for the opportunity, and remember those who sacrificed to give you that voice.

God Bless America.

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