Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Fearsome Pirate Frank

I had the honor of watching Sarah and Nathan perform in the Rivermont Collegiate fall production of The Fearsome Pirate Frank on Friday and Saturday nights.  They did a wonderful job, and everyone enjoyed the show immensely.  It is always a joy for a parents to watch their children perform, and this was no exception.  Nathan is a stage veteran (having had a major role in last spring's production), and takes to acting like a fish to water.  This was Sarah's first foray onto the stage, and she shone, as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see them having so much fun.

I just wish Nathan would have been more agreeable to getting his hair cut prior to the show...  *sigh*

Hoist the sails, ye scalawags!

Swabbing the deck

Nascar Scene-stealer

Zombie pirate

Curtain call

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