Friday, November 5, 2010

What's That Sound? Oh Wait... It's Quiet!

Yes.  It's going to be a (relatively) quiet weekend around here.  The two older boys are off in The Big City visiting their cousins, having the time of their lives with Uncle Jon, I am sure.  And that leaves me with only five kiddos until Sunday.  Okay - I know that sounds weird.  And, to many of you, the idea that having only five kids in the house could be anything close to quiet just sounds absurd.  But trust me - it's the God's honest truth.  Especially when the two missing are tween boys.  If you have ever experienced 10-12 year-old boys, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I guess I don't really pay attention to just how much noise boys make until they aren't here.  The house seems completely different in their absence.  Boys really are, to quote the saying, "a loud noise covered in dirt."  This isn't a bad thing, but the sheer force of it came as a bit of a shock after having two girls, both of whom were fairly rough-and-tumble themselves.  But nothing prepared me for the perpetual motion that is a boy.  Their energy and persistence never cease to amaze me.   They are little firecrackers - always loud and full of surprises.  And just when you least expect it, sweet, and kind, and gentle.  

So I will enjoy the relative quiet and calm for the next two days, while my older sons wrestle, shoot Nerf guns, eat guy-food, and otherwise expend some of that boundless energy with my brother and his two male offspring.  I'm sure they will come back with memories and stories enough to last a lifetime.  And their return will bring with it an end to the calm, but also a renewing of life and energy, along with the spark behind their impish smiles.

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