Monday, November 15, 2010

My 1000 Gifts, Continued...

holy experience

  • Five blessed hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Fuzzy socks
  • My Keurig coffee maker 
  • Seasonal creamers
  • Homemade cinnamon rolls
  • Homemade spaghetti and meatballs
  • Toddler ponytails
  • Long baby eyelashes
  • Requests for "Pink Presents"
  • Being inspired by wise words
  • Watching a child reach, stretch themselves, and succeed
  • Afternoon craziness and cascades of giggles
  • Roses on the kitchen table
  • Having "just enough" become abundance
  • The aroma of vanilla


  1. Kyle got a Keurig for his office, so of course we had to give it a trial run over the weekend. I cried a little bit when he wrenched it out of my hands to take to the office today!

    Beautiful list. I love these little peeks at your life. ♥

  2. I got mine last year as a Christmas present from my parents. I was the last of my siblings to get one, and it has changed my life! I cannot make a good cup of coffee to save my life. Kind of embarrassing to be so proficient in all other areas of the kitchen, but just worthless when it comes to a simple coffeemaker. So, it was with great rejoicing that I welcomed the Keurig into my little kitchen. It really does make me happy. :) I'll put in a good word with Santa, for you, if you think it might help... LOL