Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow. It's only Tuesday.

I need to stop and take a breath.  Why is it that life just seems to ramp up to an intensity that requires a turbo-charged, super-venti double espresso just to keep up?  Of course, since I am still Joshua's primary food source, I just say no to caffeine, but I still feel the non-stop rush all the same.  I just have to work harder to stay awake.  And we haven't even gotten to the official start of the Holiday season, yet.


As I look through the pages of my calendar, the days that have nothing noted on them are becoming few and far between.  I was complaining about this to someone, who told me (without much sympathy) that perhaps, I ought to have thought about that before I decided to have seven kids.  But, you know, the scary thing is that MOST of this stuff involves just the oldest three.  Yeah.  So, it's not like I'm any busier than your ordinary-sized American family.  And, each of my kids has only one after-school activity at a time.  So, apparently, it could be much worse.  Yikes.


So, with all of the craziness yet to come, I can find myself wrapped up in worry and hurry and go go go.  Or I can choose peace.  Of course, I also know that choosing peace might mean that I will need to make choices.  Either I need to be very organized, or I have to be okay with things not being perfect.  Choosing peace means that I need to let go of my expectations, and concentrate on just being. On enjoying the moment.  On preparing my heart for the coming of the Christ Child, and opening my soul to the wonder of each new day.

But that will take Grace.  Lots of Grace.  And lots of stopping to just


I pray for the grace to remember to simply be present for my children, my husband, and myself in these next few weeks.  To have the strength and energy to get everything done, but also for the patience to see the Big Picture.  To not sweat the small stuff.  And to be thankful for it all.  But through it all,  to remember, in the end, Whom I serve, in all I do.  Amen.  Come, Lord jesus.

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