Friday, November 19, 2010

The remembering begins...

Three years ago tonight, at just about his time, I was getting ready for bed, when I felt a POP.  And, not too much later, my 6th baby was born.  But that's a post for tomorrow... Tonight, I simply remember.

I remember the waiting, the anticipation.  How the passage of time alternated between where-did-nine-months-go and I'm-not-quite-ready-there's-still so-much-to-do.  I remember the heavy, ripe feeling of physically being great with child, and the amazement of having done this a sixth time.  I remember the impatience of everyone else to get on with having the baby (we've got a holiday to plan, after all), and my own willingness (stubbornness?) to be still and wait.  And wait.  Four days after time was up I waited, patiently.  And I remember the hopes and dreams...  The wonder, the joy, and the trepidation.  And the awe.

On the eve of my daughter's third birthday, I remember the gift - the most precious gift I have ever been given.  The gift of becoming someone's mother. ♥

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